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  • Tuber Talk: Jolly good fellows

    The industry is beginning to benefit from the work of AHDB’s first research fellowships. Three research fellows were funded in 2015 – all experts who completed their doctorates on subjects of importance to the potato industry; for example, pest control, who might have ordinarily moved into other fields. Working on the advice of growers and others who contribute to our board and research...

    22 October 2018

  • Tuber Talk: Strategic Potato Farm end of season results

    We had over 600 people attend our Open Days and Field Walks up and down the UK over the season. With advice from industry experts in what turned out to be a difficult year - here’s the lowdown from each of our five Strategic Potato Farms. SPot West  SPot West’s 2018 programme has focussed on chemical control of PCN and Rhizoctonia as growers and agronomists met at Heal Farms, Shropshire.  Dr...

    22 October 2018

  • Tuber Talk: The AHDB Agronomists’ Conference 2018

    The AHDB Agronomists’ Conference has broadened its scope to turn research into practical agronomy for the whole rotation. This year’s new look Agronomists’ Conference takes place on 4–5 December at the Kettering Conference Centre. Featuring speakers on potato production, storage and crop protection, a new format for this popular agronomy event aims to maximise interactions between speakers and...

    22 October 2018

  • Tuber Talk: Have you monitored our pest investment?

    More chemistry has fallen foul of the approvals process this year. With some pest targets becoming resistant to what’s left and the crop protection pipeline drier than a 2018 summer, it’s no wonder interest in integrated pest management (IPM) has piqued. But IPM is a broad church and research funds are limited, so AHDB is asking people to complete a short survey to focus its investment in this...

    22 October 2018

  • Help us deliver what you need!

    Please can we have 10 minutes of your time to share your views on AHDB’s market information. We want to ensure what we deliver is as useful to you as possible. While we must adhere to certain processes to ensure our data is robust and balanced, if you think there are improvements we can make to how we present information, we’d love to hear about it. Please complete this short online survey about...

    1 October 2018