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  • SPotting critical spud issues the first priority for new East hosts

    Suffolk-based growers James Foskett Farms Ltd will be taking up the reins as our Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm East host this autumn. The appointment comes following the end of the three-year programme at Elveden, who will continue to host a number of events this month and later this year as part of the transition period. Farm Manager at James Foskett, Mike Shapland, said: “We offer a good...

    10 June 2019

  • BLOG: What's in store at SPot North in 2019?

    By Amber Cottingham, Knowledge Exchange Manager for East Midlands June 2019 As we begin our second year of the programme at Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm North with our hosts; RJ & AE Godfrey it seems like the perfect time to let you know what we have going on this season. Firstly we’ve carried over our herbicide trial work, looking at both contact and residual herbicides again for this year....

    5 June 2019

  • Irrigation prospects for 2019 downgraded

    The Environment Agency has downgraded irrigation prospects for the 2019 season due to lower than average rainfall and available weather forecasts. Prospects in East Anglia, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire are now rated ‘poor’ meaning that growers are likely to face restrictions on abstraction for irrigation during the growing season due to low water levels. Many other areas are assessed as...

    8 May 2019

  • Potato stocks down 13% on five-year average

    Following the tough 2018 growing season, the latest estimates from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) show British potato stock levels were down 13 per cent on the five-year average. Levels were however comparable to other tight supply seasons, for example they are only slightly lower than at the same point in 2013/14 and 2015/16, while higher than 2012/13. Estimates show...

    23 April 2019

  • Bud the Spud joins the MOB!

    Bud the Spud, star of our Potatoes: More than a bit on the side campaign, has joined the MOB. That's the MOB kitchen, the online cooking channel popular with students and millennials. In the latest of a series of partnerships with food bloggers and vloggers who influence young people and the food they cook, he teamed up with MOB Kitchen to produce three exclusive hasselback potatoes recipes. The...

    15 April 2019