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  • Application methods the hot topics at SPot West

    The first field walk of SPot West’s 2018 programme focussed on chemical control of PCN and Rhizoctonia as growers and agronomists met at Heal Farms, Shropshire to hear the latest developments on local research. Dr Matthew Back of Harper Adams University presented his research, which has shown that PCN attack helps attract the Rhizoctonia fungus towards the tuber stolons. However, due to the high...

    12 July 2018

  • Water: Support and monitoring resources available as heatwave enters another week

    As the hot dry spell continues, it is a good time to revisit the resources we highlighted in June that are available to help you monitor and target your water use. We updated our Seasonal Water Management for Potatoes guide for 2018, you can download it here. #Click here to jump to available support and resources How is the crop coping in your area? In the past few weeks, we have been on farm...

    6 July 2018

  • Irrigation to control common scab

    By Nicola Dunn Recent dry weather will mean that more and more growers will be thinking about irrigation, which is a vital time for common scab control. Dr Mark Stalham, Senior Scientist at NIAB CUF whose research, combined with demonstrations held at our Strategic Potato Farm network provided the most up-to-date guidance on common scab control, advises: “Despite late planting, emergence from...

    13 June 2018

  • Potatoes: a major provider of fibre and vitamins to the UK diet

    In the UK, potatoes contribute 12% of the total fibre, 14% of the vitamin C and 13% of the vitamin B6 intake in adults. These figures, from Public Health England, marry well with the messages in BBC programme The truth about ‘carbs’ that aired on 6 June. The dietitian featured in the show, Alison Barnes, said it was about encouraging people to eat ‘smarter’ carbs. She said: “The aim was to...

    7 June 2018

  • Potatoes are naturally low in sugars

    Typically, potatoes contain less than 2g of sugars per 100g*, no matter how they are cooked - says dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton. The comments came ahead of the airing of BBC documentary The truth about ‘carbs’. The dietitian featured in Wednesday’s (6 June) show, Alison Barnes, said it was about encouraging people to eat ‘smarter’ carbs. She said: “The aim was to highlight how starchy carbohydrates...

    6 June 2018