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  • Storage Bulletin - May 2010

    25 May 2010

  • Storage Bulletin - September 2010

    17 September 2010

  • Storage Bulletin - December 2010

    Growers are urged to check their crops in store carefully to ensure they are not suffering from the current cold weather.   Most stores are well insulated to help isolate the storage environment from the impact of the conditions outside. But stores should be checked for any leakage or spots where cold air may get inside the building. Even small gaps in the insulation ‘envelope’ can lead to...

    15 December 2010

  • Storage Bulletin - February 2011

    Be on the look out for skin spot! It’s this time of year when skin spot lesions become apparent and if you are storing a susceptible variety, you need to be washing and checking samples - look for the characteristic round ‘pimples’ - from around the store. The disease can affect varieties to differing extents each year but it’s worth checking the likes of Cabaret, Cara, Desiree, King Edward, Lady...

    28 February 2011