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Press Release


  • Precision potato production focus at SPot Scotland

    Using precision farming for potato production will be under the spotlight at this year’s Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm Scotland Open Day on Tuesday 10 July. AHDB’s Strategic Farms are used to drive research in to practice through the demonstration of cutting-edge techniques - appropriate to the region and market sector - in a commercial-scale growing environment. At the Open Day there will be...

    3 July 2018

  • Long-term water plans needed as temperatures soar

    AHDB is reminding farmers and growers to review their water usage and take steps to build resilience into their long-term supply, as temperatures hit record highs this week. With just half a day without water meaning disaster for a crop of cucumbers – continuity of water supply is essential for crop growth, especially for those grown in nurseries. Water is vital for all agricultural and...

    29 June 2018

  • New AHDB Potatoes Store Managers’ Guide

    The latest data on in-store airflow, tuber respiration and sprout suppression is included in the 3rd edition of Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research’s (SBCSR) Potato Store Managers’ Guide. The guide, released this week (Monday 18 June), is written by Adrian Cunnington, Head of Crop Storage Research at AHDB and is the latest publication from the world-leading SBCSR research team. Adrian said: “...

    18 June 2018

  • AHDB launches farm data sharing project

    Creating a best practice guide to sharing farm data is the focus of a new consultation launched by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). The project will develop a set of principles to help promote and facilitate data sharing within the agricultural industry. Run in partnership with agri software business Rezare Systems, it kicks off with a series of workshops in July and...

    12 June 2018

  • AHDB secure raft of emergency crop protection authorisations

    Nine emergency authorisations for potato, herb, celery, carrot, parsnip, cherry and plum were secured this week for UK growers to protect their crops. The 120-day authorisations were issued in response to high risks of crop damage from late blight, aphids, spotted wing drosophila and a range of weeds. AHDB’s crop protection team coordinated the applications following serious concerns over...

    12 June 2018