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  • Jerry Knox to speak of lessons from the wettest drought at East of England Potato Day

    Jerry Knox from Cranfield University will discuss the lessons learnt from the wettest drought in history at the East of England Potato Day to be held at Frederick Hiam, Tuddenham, Bury St Edmunds on August 30. Dr Knox will be examining how the economics of irrigation are changing and what growers should consider in terms of improving irrigation management and learning how to cope with climate...

    14 August 2012

  • World Potato Congress 2012 Coverage

    View Continent Reports from WPC2012 View Presentations from WPC2012 View Technical Posters from WPC2012 View Video Presentations from WPC2012   News coverage of WPC2012 Beddington calls for 'climate smart farming'The government's chief scientist delivered what he called a 'gloomy, frightening but optimistic' presentation of the world's food and natural resource challenges at the opening of the...

    29 May 2012

  • Sustainable, Healthy Diets: Potatoes

    AHDB Potatoes have brought together factual information about the sustainability of the Potato industry, it can be found here: /sites/default/files/imce/EW%20sustainable%20healthy%20diets%20May%202012%20FINAL_0.pdf

    25 May 2012

  • Sustainable, Healthy Diets for Scotland: Potatoes

    AHDB Potatoes have drawn together factual information on the sustainability of potatoes. A summary document of the information can be found here: /sites/default/files/imce/scotland%20sustainable%20healthy%20diets%20May%202012%20FINAL.pdf   

    25 May 2012

  • An overview of the role of potatoes in the UK diet

      An overview of the role of potatoes in the UK diet 

    11 May 2012