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  • Sustainable, Healthy Diets: Potatoes

    AHDB Potatoes have brought together factual information about the sustainability of the Potato industry, it can be found here: /sites/default/files/imce/EW%20sustainable%20healthy%20diets%20May%202012%20FINAL_0.pdf

    25 May 2012

  • Sustainable, Healthy Diets for Scotland: Potatoes

    AHDB Potatoes have drawn together factual information on the sustainability of potatoes. A summary document of the information can be found here: /sites/default/files/imce/scotland%20sustainable%20healthy%20diets%20May%202012%20FINAL.pdf   

    25 May 2012

  • An overview of the role of potatoes in the UK diet

      An overview of the role of potatoes in the UK diet 

    11 May 2012

  • New venture to improve farming and retail carbon footprint

    A new institute to help farmers produce more efficiently and an updated software ‘tool’ that enables farming and food industries to calculate their carbon footprint are launched this week. The Cool Farm Tool (CFT) was created by the University of Aberdeen in partnership with Unilever and the Sustainable Food Lab to guide farmers over their greenhouse gas emissions and to provide tips on how...

    6 May 2012

  • Rural Development Programme England (RDPE)

      Funding for Agricultural, Forestry, Rural Businesses and Communities Since taking over responsibility for the delivery of the RDPE socio-economic elements, through the newly established RDPE Delivery Teams, Defra is providing a strong lead on the priorities for delivery. In particular, Defra has refocused remaining socio-economic resources (circa £100 million) of RDPE in line with the...

    23 March 2012