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  • Rural Development Programme England (RDPE)

      Funding for Agricultural, Forestry, Rural Businesses and Communities Since taking over responsibility for the delivery of the RDPE socio-economic elements, through the newly established RDPE Delivery Teams, Defra is providing a strong lead on the priorities for delivery. In particular, Defra has refocused remaining socio-economic resources (circa £100 million) of RDPE in line with the...

    23 March 2012

  • AHDB welcomes £7m funding in horticulture and potatoes

    The AHDB welcomes a new Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) research initiative launched 9 February, which aims to bring academic researchers together with industry to deliver bigger yields of better quality fruits and vegetables. A critical element of this call is the need for collaboration.  Researchers and industry must bridge the gap between basic science and crop...

    10 February 2012

  • Drought prospects for winter and spring 2011/12

    The Environment Agency (EA) have published as substantive report outlining the current drought prospects for winter and spring 2011/12. If you have concerns about your water supply or abstraction licences you should contact your local EA officer and also consider any wider business impacts. You can learn more about Water Abstraction Groups (WAGS) by contacting the UK Irrigation Association (UKIA...

    21 December 2011

  • Press article highlights ongoing risk of Ring Rot

    A recent article published in Farm Business highlights that the quarantine disease Ring Rot continues to be found on the continent, and the need for growers to take sensible seed sourcing decisions.   Read the article: Dutch ring rot prompts source safe seed message   The GB Potato industry set up the Safe Haven Scheme in 2004 to protect itself from this disease. With over 60% of all British...

    20 December 2011

  • AHDB Potatoes cost-benefit work hailed at BP2011

    With a record turnout of over 6,000, BP2011 (Harrogate, November 23-24) the potato industry demonstrated its confidence in the future. Ever keen to discover ways of working smarter, levy-payers showed great interest in the cost-benefit analyses undertaken by AHDB Potatoes. “In spring 2011 we introduced a new objective to each of the AHDB Potatoes functions to undertake cost benefit analysis for...

    1 December 2011