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  • AHDB Potatoes teams up with ‘Small Potatoes’

    AHDB Potatoes and TV production company Little Airplane Productions, the team behind 3rd & Bird and The Wonder Pets,  have joined forces to take ‘Small Potatoes’ on an interactive tour of the country, and introduce children and their parents to the enjoyment of potatoes this autumn. The ‘Small Potatoes’ series, which is shown on CBeebies, features four adorable animated spud stars who travel...

    1 September 2011

  • New blackleg threat to British crops

    One of the seminars at British Potato 2009, at the Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate, on November 25 and 26, will bring growers valuable information of a new Dickeya pathogen. The symptoms of the seed-borne bacterial disease make it potentially a more aggressive form of blackleg, warn scientists. Growers attending the BP2009 seminars will be guided through a major new disease threat to crop...

    25 August 2011

  • CHANNEL 4 What Goes In Your Basket Coverage

    CHANNEL 4 What Goes In Your Basket Coverage

    4 August 2011

  • Desiccation programmes

    Variety and end use are the main determinants of which of the widely differing desiccation programmes will be most appropriate for each potato crop. Given the wide range of crop types being grown such as salad, pre-pack, processing and seed crops, it is not surprising that growers are using widely differing desiccation options. In particular, the loss of sulphuric acid has left growers looking...

    2 August 2011

  • Apply for water pollution subsidy before April 30

      New advice on environmentally friendly potato production could prove invaluable to growers looking to secure recently launched grants to help reduce water pollution.    Information about schemes to help growers reduce environmental risks and achieve sustainable production, is contained in a booklet, Environmental guidance for potato production, a joint initiative between AHDB Potatoes, FWAG and...

    1 August 2011