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Technical Articles


  • War on waste in the potato supply chain

    Several key actions to drive out waste from the potato supply chain, including improved agronomy, were outlined at the recent World Potato Congress in Edinburgh.    Organised by AHDB Potatoes, the event attracted more than 900 delegates and included speakers from across the globe, providing a unique opportunity for the whole industry to share information and uncover new knowledge.   A workshop...

    21 June 2012

  • Potential benefits and cost savings from GM

    Mark Lynas earned a spontaneous round of applause for his speech backing recent research into mapping the potato genome, coming down clearly in favour of studies being undertaken to help move the industry forward in addressing the challenges posed by an increasing population.    In his speech, the author of ‘The God Species’  looked at ways of addressing the 2050 challenge to lift 9.5 billion...

    21 June 2012

  • Integrated slug control

    Slug populations have increased in the past twenty years in part due to the increased area of Oilseed rape planted, rotations that include areas of non-cropped land and the ban on burning straw. It is estimated that slugs cost growers an estimated £8 million in damage, rejections and control per annum. Risk FactorsGrowers should always assess slug populations on land regularly used in crop...

    25 May 2012

  • Opportunity to join AHDB Potatoes

    AHDB Potatoes is seeking a Technical Executive to work with Potato Industry levy payers and stakeholders in Scotland to communicate the results of new R&D.    The Technical Executive for Scotland will have responsibility for planning and delivery of a number of knowledge campaigns which engender changes in attitudes, behaviour and practice which are beneficial to the Potato industry. It is...

    11 May 2012

  • Correction to ‘Preventing Common Scab’ article

    There was an error in the article entitled ‘Preventing Common Scab’ published in the latest edition of Tubertalk. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.    With the recent dry weather, where possible, growers should try to ensure they have sufficient water to undertake a targeted, effectively managed irrigation programme to meet the specification of their target market, advises...

    11 May 2012