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  • Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) Study Tour to the Netherlands

    Applications are open to join a two day tour of Wageningen University and Research, in the Netherlands. The tour will take place 27 February - 1 March. A group of 12 – 15 growers and agronomists will visit two sites at Wageningen and cover topics including: Dutch PCN policy PCN control strategy PCN testing Plant inspection Variety testing PCN resistance Control of Meloidogyne fallax. We have...

    1 February 2019

  • Growing international markets for GB seed

    After spending 2018 opening the doors to new markets for British seed potatoes, 2019 will see our Exports team focusing on strengthening relationships with existing markets. While recent successes have seen access to GB seed approved in both China and Kenya, exporters are also keen to increase tonnage to key countries such as Egypt and Morocco. Developing markets in Africa 2018 saw two major...

    31 January 2019

  • Research call to tender potato desiccants

    The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is inviting researchers to tender for a new project to understand alternative desiccation methods in the absence of diquat.      The loss of approval for diquat has wide ramifications, since it is currently the main product used by potato growers to desiccate crops. Joe Martin, Crop Protection Senior Scientist for AHDB, said: “This...

    25 January 2019

  • Strategic Farm programme gave confidence to manage risks

    The Strategic Potato Farm East programme provided Elveden Farms’ Director Andrew Francis with a ‘mental safety net,’ helping manage the risk of making changes to his business. Reflecting on the last three years as host, Andrew explained how the programme had grown, from initially being conceptual to the ‘slick process’ it is now. He said he was proud of his team and spoke about how the work...

    24 January 2019

  • Event report/overview: Strategic Farm East results day - 10 January 2019

    Summary The Strategic Farm East results day took place on 10 January 2019 and was the final event of the Strategic Farm East programme hosted at Elveden Estate in East Anglia. The event saw the culmination of 3 years of research, specifically focusing on herbicides, PCN and the effect of Nitrogen on Black Dot and yield. Attendees also heard presentations from Potatoes Sector Board Chair Dr Sophie...

    21 January 2019