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  • Infra red scanning of manure could cut fertiliser bills

    Accurate, quick and potentially cheaper nutrient analysis of organic manures could soon help potato growers shave thousands of pounds off their annual fertiliser bills and help protect the environment. Although up to half the national crop receives organic manure of some type each year, relatively little is used effectively, says Ken Smith of ADAS, reporting on LINK-funded research. He hopes...

    4 August 2011

  • Don’t miss West Midlands Potato Day

    Food security and the sustainability of the potato industry are top of the agenda at this year’s West Midlands Potato Day to be held at Woodlands Farm, Weston-under-Lizzard, Staffordshire on June 8. The day will follow the popular formula of a mixture of talks, an open forum and field workshops. Keynote speakers will be AHDB chief scientist Professor Ian Crute and AHDB Potatoes sector director...

    28 July 2011

  • Important information on abstraction licence renewals

    Growers must re-apply for any special agreements, such as the Two-Part Tariff for spray irrigation, when they renew time-limited abstraction licences, AHDB Potatoes technical executive Chris Steele reminds levy-payers. According to information received from the Environment Agency, when a time-limited abstraction licence is due to expire, abstractors tend to believe they are applying to 'renew'...

    28 July 2011

  • Website now live for World Potato Congress 2012

    The website has now gone live. Everyone wishing to keep up-to-date on this important event being hosted by AHDB Potatoes, on behalf of the British potato industry, can now sign up for news updates. Interest in the 2012 World Potato Congress is mounting. The website has already had 2,817 page views, with visitors from as far afield as China, Japan, Russia, New Zealand and...

    28 July 2011

  • Make a date for Potatoes in Practice

    Dr Gerry Saddler of Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) will be urging growers to play their part in minimising the risk to plant health at this year’s Potatoes in Practice to be held on August 11 at Balruddery Farm near Dundee. In his seminar, Gerry will be examining how growers can work more closely with government to address these challenges. With a good range of topical...

    27 July 2011