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  • Good news but early days for rodenticide stewardship on farms and game shoots

    Rat control is changing for the better on UK farms and game shoots. From 2015 to 2017, a detailed independent study has found planned prevention of infestations is taking over from control in reaction to the presence of rats. It finds gamekeepers leading the way, their use of a planned approach increasing from 30% to 59% over the two years. Among farmers, the less desirable option of reactive...

  • Climate Coalition report - AHDB statement

    In response to the Climate Coalition’s Recipe for Disaster report AHDB Potatoes’ Strategy Director Dr Rob Clayton, said: “On the one hand potatoes and some other veg could provide a few solutions with regard to climate change, they have a great ‘water efficiency budget’ compared to other carbs. They respond positivity to elevated CO2, and warmer weather would mean an extended season (spring and...

    5 February 2019

  • No deal challenges across UK agriculture and horticulture

    With the Brexit clock ticking, our latest Horizon report presents new insight into the potential impacts on the UK’s trade in agricultural and horticultural goods. Brexit prospects for UK agri-food trade examines in detail how both an orderly withdrawal and a no-deal scenario will affect trade across the UK’s main farming sectors. For those with an interest in a specific sector, a series of ‘bite...

    4 February 2019

  • Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) Study Tour to the Netherlands

    Applications are open to join a two day tour of Wageningen University and Research, in the Netherlands. The tour will take place 27 February - 1 March. A group of 12 – 15 growers and agronomists will visit two sites at Wageningen and cover topics including: Dutch PCN policy PCN control strategy PCN testing Plant inspection Variety testing PCN resistance Control of Meloidogyne fallax. We have...

    1 February 2019

  • Growing international markets for GB seed

    After spending 2018 opening the doors to new markets for British seed potatoes, 2019 will see our Exports team focusing on strengthening relationships with existing markets. While recent successes have seen access to GB seed approved in both China and Kenya, exporters are also keen to increase tonnage to key countries such as Egypt and Morocco. Developing markets in Africa 2018 saw two major...

    31 January 2019