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In-home Consumption

6 April 2019


The usage of potatoes in in-home and carried-out meal occasions has declined slightly in the past year, despite the overall number of meal occasions increasing. 5.4 billion portions of fresh potatoes and 2.8 billion portions of frozen potato products were eaten in the last year. (Kantar Worldpanel Usage, 52 w/e December 2018)


What potatoes are consumers eating?

  • Fresh main crop potatoes account for 38% of meal occasions where fresh or frozen potatoes were consumed, while chips accounted for 22%. 16% of occasions were baking potatoes, and new potatoes and other frozen potato products both accounted for 10%.


When are potatoes being eaten?

  • 84% of potato meals occasions were eaten in the evening.

Who is eating potatoes?

  • Potatoes are eaten across all life stage groups, but older generations tend to eat more potatoes. This is especially true for fresh potato whereas frozen potatoes are slightly favoured by younger age groups.

What are consumers eating potatoes with?

  • Fresh potato consumption is supported by consumer’s inclusion in roast dinners and pairing with pies.
  • The most common meals for fresh potatoes are:
    • Roast dinners
    • Pies and pastries
    • Sausages
    • Baked potato meals
  • The most common meals for frozen potatoes are:
    • Pizza
    • Sausages
    • Pies and pastries
    • Roast dinners

Why people eat potatoes

  • The main reason consumers choose to eat potatoes is because they enjoy the taste with 61% of fresh potatoes eaten for this reason.
  • Other main reasons for consuming potatoes are because they complement the rest of the meal, are filling and frozen potatoes are quick to prepare.

A look at roasts

  • In the 52 w/e December roast dinners accounted for 16% of all meals containing fresh potatoes and 6% of frozen potato occasions

  • Fresh potato occasions at roast dinners has declined by 3% over the last year whereas frozen potatoes saw an increase of 3%

  • Overall, number of roast dinners increased in 2018 but potatoes in roasts remained static

Carb Context

  • Potatoes are the second most popular carbohydrates after bread. Like potatoes, total carbohydrate consumption has been relatively flat. Bread, rice, pasta and noodles all saw small increases in consumption compared to the previous year.

Changing consumer trends

  • Consumer tastes are trending towards the quick and easy; meals cooking times are steadily declining and low-involvement, pre-prepared dishes and accompaniments are gaining popularity. There is also a shift from traditional meat-and-two-veg meals to dish-based cuisine, such as curries and pasta dishes.

  • Potatoes are often viewed as an accompaniment to a meal, so if the host meal is in decline, as roast dinners have been, then this impacts on potato occasions.

  • An opportunity for potatoes is to fit in with the growing dish based meals.




Market Information

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