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Market Intelligence

Foodservice Industry

3 April 2017

The British foodservice market, valued at £53.6 billion, is vast and the routes to market are many and varied. It consists of a number of different sub sectors: from pubs, quick service restaurants (QSR) and full service restaurants in the commercial or ‘profit’ sector, to work place, college and universities. There are considerable opportunities for potatoes. 

Foodservice Industry - Key Stats

  • Quick service restaurants (such as burger outlets) account for over half of all visits to foodservice outlets.



AHDB Potatoes marketing activity

The primary focus of AHDB Potatoes marketing activity is on the consumer, which benefits all routes to market. The fragmentation of the foodservice market creates a significant challenge for marketing at industry level.

AHDB Potatoes focuses its resources on:

Investment in tools to help your business:

Market Information

  • Chip Shops: Traditionally activity has taken place with Chip Shops as they are an important sector for the GB crop – accounting for 10% of usage. 
  • Pubs and Restaurants: In 2005 AHDB Potatoes first commissioned research into the profit sector, which revealed a lack of knowledge amongst caterers about potatoes. It also identified the primary areas of opportunity to increase potato dishes on menus in pub and restaurants. Since then, the market has moved on and there is general agreement that operators’ knowledge of potatoes has increased considerably.
  • School Meals: When school meals hit the headlines back in 2005, AHDB Potatoes increased its focus on activity to educate caterers about how potatoes can help them meet the school meal guidelines. We now have a range of resources available to help promote potatoes in school meals and ensure the potato’s nutritional profile is recognised.