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2 May 2019

The Retail Market

Latest data from Kantar Worldpanel, up to 24 March 2019:

  • The total volume of fresh potatoes sold fell slightly, down 0.4% year-on-year, in the 52 weeks to 24 March.This was driven by older households; pre-family households bought nearly 15% more potatoes year-on-year while retired households bought nearly 5% less.
  • In the last 52 weeks, frozen potatoes grew sales by 2.6% year-on-year with volume and value growth in both frozen chips and frozen potato products. However, in the 12 weeks to 24 March, frozen chip sales have been relatively flat (-0.2% volume year-on-year).
  • Chilled potato sales continued to fall, down 5.2% in volume in the 12 weeks to 24 March. This is driven by a fall in the share of households buying chilled potatoes, down 1.7ppt to 32.5%.
  • Snacks have had mixed results, with potato savoury snacks growing by 9.9% in volume over the 52 weeks to 24 March. Crisps, however, are down 1.8% in volume, driven mostly by a fall in volume purchased per trip (-2.2%).


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This information is based on latest data from Kantar Worldpanel, for the GB Retail Market. It is updated on a monthly basis.

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AHDB Potatoes activity

The primary focus of AHDB Potatoes activity is on the consumer, which benefits all routes to market. Working with the major retailers and their supply chains does present a major opportunity to reach the consumer.

  • Research: AHDB Potatoes provides bespoke insights into the potato shopper which can be used to drive value and grow volumes.
  • Promotions: AHDB Potatoes campaigns provide a platform for retail activity, linking activity in store or the through promotions.
  • Resources: for smaller retailers AHDB Potatoes has a range of posters and promotional literature available which can be used to help promote.