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Market Intelligence

Market Trends and Analysis

1 August 2018

The AHDB Potatoes Market Intelligence team collects and analyses information from a range of sources. Publications are produced from this information which can help with business planning, pricing decisions and identifying opportunities in the potato market.

Click on the headings below to see the latest and older issues of each publication.

Potato Weekly summarises weekly prices from AHDB Potatoes' own surveys including the Weekly Average Price Survey (WAPS). It also contains regional crop development updates.



The Potato Market Dynamics Report is a bi-monthly summary of the GB potato market reflecting the season as it develops.


The Consumer Category Report analyses the trends in the consumption habits of the population and changes in the retail market. It replaces the Retail, Foodservice and Consumer reports.


Euro Potato is a bi-monthly review of crops and market opportunities from the major potato growing countries in northern Europe and elsewhere.


GB Potatoes: Market Intelligence provides information about long-term trends in the GB potato market. It also answers common questions you may have about the GB market.


To receive regular market updates contact Sara Maslowski on 02476 478 953 or