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Act now and reduce the potential glyphosate contamination risk

18 January 2012

If you are renting land for seed potatoes, identify surrounding crops that pose a risk of providing glyphosate contamination and make sure your landlord understands the issue, recommends AHDB Potatoes head of seed and export Mark Prentice. 

“It’s essential that non-potato growing landlords understand the vulnerability of seed potatoes to glyphosate drift and the potentially devastating consequences,” continues Mark. “Growers can use the conversations held now with landlords and neighbours about rents and field selection to draw attention to pre-harvest desiccation plans for surrounding cereal crops and oilseed rape. Significant damage can be caused even at concentrations below the level of detection.”  
AHDB Potatoes has produced a free leaflet and in-cab sticker to communicate glyphosate advice to seed potato growers and their neighbours, encouraging dialogue with neighbours and landlords, and outlining the damage that can be caused and what can be done to prevent it. 
“It is important that seed growers take the initiative and ensure the message is well understood. By the time cereal harvest comes round it is often too late, and everyone is busy with other things. The guides will help growers achieve this.”
For free copies of leaflet and stickers, contact Sophie Lock at the AHDB Potatoes, on: 024 7647 8772, or email:
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