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AHDB Exports Team at Potato Europe 2017

11 September 2017

AHDB's exports team is running a British stand at Potato Europe.

With over 250 exhibitors, and 15,000 visitors from around the world, Potato Europe is a key marketplace for the GB potato sector, and it is estimated that business hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business will be instigated at the event. AHDB host a stand at this event to support the development of GB export activity; assisting levy payers to actively build their businesses, as well as supporting and enhancing the reputation of the British potato industry abroad. We will also use the opportunity to share the activities of our export team over 2017/18, with a specific focus on our work (with SASA and James Hutton Ltd) to open the Kenyan market to GB seed exports.

About the event:

British potato exporters will instigate deals worth hundreds of thousands of pounds at this year’s Potato Europe event, held next week in Holland.

With over 250 exhibitors, and 15,000 visitors from around the world, Potato Europe is a key marketplace for the GB potato sector, and British-based potato companies will gather on the AHDB Exports stand to discuss both the past and upcoming export season with new and existing customers. The exhibitors this year include Greenvale AP, Caithness Potatoes, Cygnet PEP, James Hutton Ltd, Cullen Allen and SASA... Read full press release here

Stand and co-exhibitors

Importers and growers looking to buy high health, high quality seed are invited to visit AHDB Potatoes GB seed stand (see design pictured). Our stand helps international seed buyers and importers connect with experienced exporters of quality British seed.

As usual the AHDB stand will host some of the biggest and most progressive companies from the British potato industry, offering the ideal chance to build new relationships and explore potential business opportunities. GB seed exporters will also be present on the AHDB stand to welcome new and existing contacts, ensuring visitors have one central meeting place which showcases the best of British seed.

Rob Burns, Head of Crops Export Trade Development, said: “British seed potatoes are rightly renowned across the world. Not only are they high health and quality, they are also diverse, we have a great range of varieties which thrive in a range of conditions.”

Our co-exhibitors

  • Caithness Potato Export
  • Cygnet PEP
  • Cullen Allen
  • Greenvale Seed
  • James Hutton Limited
  • SASA

Download our event newsletter for profiles and contact details for all of our co-exhibitors in English. If you require versions in  Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish please email

AHDB Staff

  • Rob Burns, Head of Crop Trade Market Development
  • Margaret Skinner, Exports Coordinator
  • Claire Hodge, Potatoes Knowledge Exchange Manager
  • Adrian Briddon, Crop Storage Research Scientist
  • Amanda Robins, Events Manager
  • Sarah Hunter-Argyle and Jimmy Phillips, Communications
  • Ben Coates, Harpal Paneser, Digital
  • Sophie Churchill (chair non-exec)

AHDB Export Activity

Export activities in the potato sector largely focus on the development of new market opportunities especially in third countries as EU is not a major destination for GB production. The activities are split between technical/mission visits, both inward and outward and overseas trade events. The missions are primarily to open new markets, refine and improve import conditions and to maintain contact with our larger existing markets. Most of the mission work we undertake is in partnership with the export team in Scottish Government and to a lesser extent with DEFRA. Technical/mission activities operate at a Government to Government level and we are fortunate that our relationship with both Scottish Government and DEFRA allows us the opportunity to not only attend meetings but actively participate in finalising agreements.

The strategy underpinning all of these activities is: Growing the export opportunity and facilitating trade to maximise the potential of GB potato exports.

Historically all of our activities have been aimed at seed potato exports and as 80% of the seed production is Scottish we have a physical presence in Edinburgh where we are close to the production and export activities. Changes to the AHDB Potato strategy have now given the export team the opportunity to expand the remit to fresh potato and products and we are exploring how best to address this.

During the year April 2017 to March 2018 AHDB crop exports team will visit or host visits from the following countries:

  • Mission to Israel - February 2017 to discuss increase GB market share.
  • Fact finding visit to Oman - June 2017 to investigate the potential of this market for exports
  • Inward mission from Brazil - June 2017 to agree equivalence between Brazilian and GB seed grades and discuss the removal of the requirement to test for quarantine organisms.
  • Inward mission from India - August 2017 to meet the new head of Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla and the head of Indian Council of Agricultural Research and discuss access to Indian market for our seed exporters
  • Inward mission from Russia - September 2017 to discuss increasing access to this huge market for both seed and fresh potato exports.
  • Inward Mission from Egypt – October 2017 to meet the new head of Central Administration for Plant Quarantine and to showcase our industry and supporting science to her. Egypt is a vital market for our exporters as they import around 60% of our total export tonnage.
  • Fact finding visit to Kuwait and Qatar – October 2017 to understand supply chains and market dynamics in these two countries. Middle East and the Gulf states are of particular interest as potential new markets as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, their previous supplier of seed potatoes has banned potato production as part of water saving measures.
  • Technical visit to Kenya – November 2017 to observe our AHDB funded seed trials and discuss performance of GB varieties in Kenya and develop closer links with Kenyan Potato Council and seed importers.
  • Outward mission to Brazil – January 2018 to finalise discussions on removing requirement for disease testing on GB seed entering Brazil and also to better understand supply chain and potato industry

​For further information please contact Sarah Hunter-Argyle on 0131 297 7466

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