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AHDB Potatoes – Open Board meeting

1 March 2019

We are hosting an open Potatoes Board meeting, on 19 March at Peterborough.

The open session will start at 12pm, with a sandwich lunch, and will include discussion on our plans for 2019/20.

You will have a chance to comment on potential activities, before they are proposed to the main AHDB board for confirmation. The meeting will finish with an open question and answer session. AHDB staff and Board members present for questions will include:

  • Jane King, CEO, AHDB
  • Tom Hind, Chief Strategy Officer, AHDB
  • Rob Clayton, Sector Strategy Director, AHDB Potatoes
  • Sophie Churchill, Chair of the Board, AHDB Potatoes
  • Tim Isaac, Head of Arable Knowledge Exchange, AHDB

Numbers are limited by the space in the room, but the meeting is open to all who pay an AHDB Potatoes levy on a first come, first served basis.

Registration for the session is essential, as Board governance means we must record all those who attend.

Our strategy and spend has always been set in consultation with you, through our Board, Committees and Working Groups, however we are pleased to offer this extra opportunity for feedback.

Can't attend? Why not send a question by email?

We understand that March is a busy time, and that we have levy payers across the nation. If you cannot attend, but you have a question for us, please submit it* to our Senior Communications Manager, Jimmy Phillips on 

We are running this session as a pilot, but if it is successful, we may offer further opportunities to meet with Board members at other locations.

Click here to register

*If you submit a question will will try and answer it. Either by presenting it for discussion at the meeting, or directly with you. Our time and resources are limited, so if we get a large amount of questions it may be neccessary to group questions and provide overall responses.

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