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The AHDB Potatoes at Fruit Logistica

1 August 2011

The AHDB Potatoes stand at Fruit Logistica buzzed this year with international seed and ware importers. There were more than 150 industry enquiries, with great interest shown about seed grown under the Safe Haven protocols.

This key trade fair, which took place in Berlin from February 9-11, saw an estimated 50,000 trade visitors pass through its doors.

Driving demand for British seed potatoes, members of the AHDB Potatoes team and the Scottish Government explained the benefits of the scheme that helps protect from Ring Rot and other diseases to representatives from countries such as Morocco, Namibia, Russia, Ukraine and China.

Overseas growers and their agents also paid great attention to information about the quality seed grown in the cool, temperate climate enjoyed by Britain and the Quality Seed Classification Scheme.

“2010 was a successful year, with visitors to the stand demonstrating the increased interest from a wide range of countries from across Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa and South America,” says AHDB Potatoes technical executive Sophie Lock. “First impressions show this year is going to be even stronger, with seed exports particularly buoyant so far this season.”

Seed potato exports have grown more than 30 per cent over the past ten years, partly as a result of potato varieties that take account of changing growing conditions and consumer tastes being developed for overseas markets.

“We created a positive PR programme that generated a growing interest from international press read in particular in Europe and the Middle East.

“Every day we spoke to journalists from three or four agricultural journals,” says Sophie. “We were visited on-stand by editors of magazines such as Agro Press, Fruit Today and Editions Agricoles, amongst others. They all recognised the importance of the benefits of high health potatoes and the Safe Haven scheme.  

“By having a stand at Fruit Logistica, we continue to fly the flag for the high quality, high health seed potatoes grown in Britain, including those in the Safe Haven scheme,” she concludes.

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