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AHDB Potatoes R&D head wins coveted award

21 November 2012

Head of Research and Development of AHDB Potatoes Dr Mike Storey has scooped this year’s British Potato Industry Award, which acknowledges those who have made a significant impact on advances in the sector.

Dr Storey was presented with the award yesterday (November 20) at the Seed Industry Event dinner at Crieff Hydro, near Perth, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the potato industry.

AHDB Potatoes chairman Allan Stevenson paid tribute to Dr Storey’s impressive career at the event.

He told delegates: “Mike’s work has spanned field agronomy, chemical use and regulation, variety assessment, storage and plant health to name a few. He not only helps steer AHDB Potatoes policy but is also responsible for implementing our R&D strategy.  He has forged research links with the other AHDB divisions and has built up a valuable network of international contacts to the benefit our industry. Mike determines which projects need to be prioritised as well as commissioning the work, monitoring performance and – most importantly – getting the results out to the industry. I am delighted his efforts have been recognised by this award.”

Dr Storey has headed up the R&D team for the past 15 years and is also Chair of the Potato Industry Chlorpropham (CIPC) Stewardship Group.

Mr Stevenson continued: “Mike really deserves this award and his sterling work has made a big difference to our industry. He has a rare ability and is held in the highest regard by all who know him.”

AHDB Potatoes Director Rob Clayton added: “It’s no coincidence that Government and other funders continue to put potatoes high on the research agenda and it’s through Mike’s tenacity and dedication that the role potatoes play in food security is duly recognised.”

Nominations for the 2013 award will open in May next year.

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