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AHDB Potatoes teams up with ‘Small Potatoes’

1 September 2011

AHDB Potatoes and TV production company Little Airplane Productions, the team behind 3rd & Bird and The Wonder Pets,  have joined forces to take ‘Small Potatoes’ on an interactive tour of the country, and introduce children and their parents to the enjoyment of potatoes this autumn.

The ‘Small Potatoes’ series, which is shown on CBeebies, features four adorable animated spud stars who travel the world and sing about different topics in each episode. The programme takes young viewers on an exploration of imaginative play and builds an appreciation of a variety of music genres.

Recognising that the small potato characters held a real affinity with its young audience, AHDB Potatoes reached an agreement with Little Airplane Productions for them to be a part of its consumer roadshow and family focused activity.

While parents will be invited to join a registered dietician for sessions including meal demonstrations and sampling, Ten Top Tips for happy and healthy eating, quick fire Q&A’s and advice, the children will get to meet the two of the ‘Small Potatoes’ characters ‘Ruby’ and ‘Nate’. Here they will be encouraged to take part in sing-a-longs, games and colouring competitions. The winners will receive a specially customised ‘Photato’ image.

The costume characters and AHDB Potatoes promotional vehicle will be stopping at [8 or 10] venues across England, Wales and Scotland during October. Fully equipped with a kitchen, classroom facilities and seating, the unit will be fully branded with a mix of ‘Small Potatoes’ and healthy eating message boards.

Caroline Evans, AHDB Potatoes head of marketing and corporate affairs, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have the stars of ‘Small Potatoes’ joining our autumn roadshow. As parents are educated about the health benefits of fresh potatoes and inspired with tasty recipes, pre-school children will be entertained by the fun characters – after all it’s never too early to be introduced to the delights of potatoes!”

We are thrilled to be joining forces with AHDB Potatoes by taking our Small Potatoes' stars Ruby and Nate out on the road to help encourage families to eat healthily," said Josh Selig, President of Little Airplane Productions. “Any friend of the potato is a friend of mine." 

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