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AHDB Potatoes to update PCN model

2 August 2011

With the recent change in legislation on PCN, AHDB Potatoes is looking to revise its successful PCN model.

The original model was designed in 2005 as an educational and management tool for the control of Globodera pallida, and was planned to be future-proof. This was always a bold claim, but it has stood the test of time due to the flexibility that was designed into the model.

The current model permits alteration of standard nematicide efficacy scores if individual control on-farm is better or worse than the average score. Furthemore, new varieties have been evaluated for tolerance and resistance to G. pallida, and these scores have been added into the model, as can updates to existing varieties. Even the effects on decline rates of trap crops such as Sisymbrifolium can be incorporated, despite not having been a commercial option when the model was first developed.

AHDB Potatoes technical executive Gary Collins advises that as a consequence of extensive soil infections and the need to protect crop yield over several rotations PCN planning should be managed over the same period, not just for the immediate crop.

 “This valuable educational tool is a decision support model that has been widely used and validated by agronomists,” says Gary. 'It helps growers plan PCN control field by field over many rotations  by showing “what-if” scenarios, in addition to assisting with due diligence for assurance schemes.”

As a result of the recent introduction of the PCN control directive the model is now in need of being updated and anyone wishing to participate in the steering group should contact Gary Collins, email

For more details on the Scottish PCN legislation please visit

For more details on the English and Welsh PCN legislation please click here.

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