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AHDB secure raft of emergency crop protection authorisations

13 June 2018

Nine emergency authorisations for potato, herb, celery, carrot, parsnip, cherry and plum were secured this week for UK growers to protect their crops.

The 120-day authorisations were issued in response to high risks of crop damage from late blight, aphids, spotted wing drosophila and a range of weeds.

AHDB’s crop protection team coordinated the applications following serious concerns over available control options identified through close collaboration with industry.

Viv Powell, AHDB Crop Protection Senior Scientist, said: “We have worked closely with growers, crop associations, product manufacturers, our counterparts in the EU and regulators to secure these products.

“The authorisations will give growers the option to use these products as part of their integrated control strategies to help ensure a productive crop this season.”

Aphid control and risk of virus infection in carrots has been a major issue for growers.

Following AHDB-funded research in SCEPTRE trials, residue data was generated as part of a collaborative project with Sweden after discussions with the European Commodity Expert Groups. An emergency authorisation for Teppeki was confirmed by Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) in June. 

Afalon will provide carrot, parsnip, celery and herb growers with 120 days of access to linuron, the main active ingredient, which was withdrawn from use on a range of crops in early June this year.

Organic Potato growers have also been given the go-ahead to use Cuprokylt to control late blight.

Tree fruit and soft fruit growers have been provided with emergency authorisations to help combat pressure from spotted wing drosophila. AHDB and the SWD working group have been working collaboratively to secure these actives.

Further emergency authorisations are expected later in June. The dates for authorisations are being scheduled to consider pest pressure and the expiry of the 120-day authorisation.

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Notes to editors

Article 53 Emergency Authorisations

  • 'Afalon' for the control of weeds on outdoor leafy salads, outdoor celery and carrot and parsnip 
  • 'Teppeki' for the control of  carrot willow aphid, parsnip aphid and peach potato aphid on outdoor carrot
  • 'Tracer' for the control of spotted wing drosophila on outdoor cherry
  • 'Cuprokylt' for the control of Pseudomonas syringae pv. morsprunorum and Pseudomonas. s. pv. syringae on ornamental outdoor Prunus species
  • ‘Cuprokylt’ for the control of Phytophthora infestans (late blight) on potato
  • ‘Exirel 10 SE’ for the control of spotted wing drosophila on cherry and plum

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