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AHDB welcomes £7m funding in horticulture and potatoes

10 February 2012

The AHDB welcomes a new Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) research initiative launched 9 February, which aims to bring academic researchers together with industry to deliver bigger yields of better quality fruits and vegetables.

A critical element of this call is the need for collaboration.  Researchers and industry must bridge the gap between basic science and crop production systems to sustainably deliver increased productivity and consistent, high quality food products.

This is an opportunity for industry to invest in their futures by identifying future opportunities and challenges and working with leading researchers to develop research projects that are forward-thinking and industry relevant.

Tom Taylor, Chief Executive of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) said: “Collaboration between researchers and industry is essential for the development of practical business solutions. This BBSRC initiative will help focus the research and development community towards addressing real cross sector opportunities and challenges.

“At AHDB our specialist teams are then well placed to help maximise the uptake of the research outcomes to improve the efficiency and productivity of agricultural and horticultural businesses.”

Mike Storey, Head of R&D at AHDB Potatoes said “Topic areas such as soils, pest, pathogens and resource use efficiency are relevant to industry and levy payer engagement in this initiative will ensure that new knowledge is harnessed for maximum benefit”

Supporting the call, Jon Knight Head of R&D for the HDC also suggests “this strategic approach offers a fundamental mechanism to deliver real impact to industry through excellent science.”

BBSRC will be holding a Consortia-Building Workshop on 28 February to bring together interested companies and researchers to discuss potential project proposals. More details of the call can be found



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