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Are your employees trained how to use potato harvesters safely?

2 August 2011

The AHDB Potatoes harvester training module DVD is now available in English, Polish, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Latvian.

This invaluable tool covers all the risks potato harvester operators face in addition to promoting safe working practices.
“Everyone knows of someone who has had an accident with machinery during potato harvesting. Most potato harvesters have not been used since last year, so those who have used them before need to refresh their memories on correct operating procedures,” says AHDB Potatoes technical executive, Phil Bradshaw. “There may also be employees who have been working for several months but have not operated harvesters before, so training is vital to avoid accidents.”

The DVD features a test that can be taken to check understanding of safety procedures and viewing can be repeated if necessary. Details can then be entered on a printed certificate, signed and dated and securely filed as a formal health and safety record.
“It is vital everyone who comes into contact with potato machinery understands the risks,” continues Phil. “The DVD highlights best practice to ensure the operation is conducted safely.”

Levy payers can request a FREE copy by emailing, providing a phone number, postcode and  AHDB Potatoes Registration Number, or calling 02476 478 788 and leaving a voicemail stating the details requested above and the required DVD.

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