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CIPC – are you complying with guidelines?

2 August 2011

All CIPC users need to make sure they comply with the Best Practice guidelines developed for product Stewardship otherwise this vital sprout suppressant could be withdrawn, warns AHDB Potatoes head of R&D, Dr Mike Storey. See the best practice video on You Tube.

Mike Storey reminds store managers that, over the whole season, potato crops destined for the fresh market can only receive up to 36g CIPC/ tonne and processing potatoes up to 63.75g / tonne.
“Care must be taken that these application limits are not exceeded,” he says. 'The CIPC application records should follow the crop to ensure they go to the right market.'

Recommendations for CIPC use need to be made by a BASIS-qualified adviser and it is best to make the first application before sprouting occurs rather than waiting to see some eye movement.
Mike emphasises that it is the grower’s responsibility to ensure contractors applying CIPC hold the appropriate PA1/PA9 tickets and that the  machine used for fogging has been tested by NSTS  in addition to a current certificate – all points covered by the Red Tractor Assured Produce audit.

'Best practice needs to be followed to minimise the risk that an MRL exceedance could occur.'

'We are in the third storage season since CIPC Stewardship was introduced and no-one should be in any way complacent about this issue,” he continues. “Residues are being very closely monitored by the Pesticide Residue Committee and any MRL exceedance will have serious consequences for the whole industry.'

In addition to developing controls on how the chemical is used, AHDB Potatoes research has found ways of refining bulk store management to ensure effective sprout suppression with fewer CIPC applications in addition to carrying out trials to optimise its use in box stores.
“CIPC is crucial to the industry,” he declares. “There is no alternative sprout suppressant, especially in the potato processing sector. It’s a case of use it properly or lose it. Let’s not lose it!”

To view the video of Improving CIPC use in bulk stores, click here.

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