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CIPC: check your limits

12 April 2012

Early dormancy break has been a particular problem this season, exacerbated further by warm autumn temperatures. This made it impossible, in some situations, to make initial applications at the appropriate timing (before sprout growth is initiated). As a consequence, inputs are likely to be higher as store managers try and regain control. Users of CIPC should remember though that no more than 36 grammes per tonne per season should be used, except on material for processing, where up to 63.75g may be used. Remember - adherence to these limits are the crop owners responsibility, not the contractor.  In addition, in processing crops, as the storage season progresses, sensitivity to fogging increases. Where late CIPC applications are carried out to processing crops, it is imperative that stores are flushed with fresh air as soon as the fog has cleared - typically 6-8 hours or as soon as 3-4 hours where fog is recirculated through bulk piles. Otherwise there is a real danger fry colour quality will be damaged.

View SBCSR Best Practice - Sprout Suppression pages to learn more.

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