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CIPC uncertainty continues - here's how we're offering support

30 January 2019

Latest CIPC approval update:

We understand that a vote was not taken on the Commission’s proposal for non-renewal of Chlorpropham (CIPC) at the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed on 24 and 25 January 2019. The CIPC approval holders will soon publish a statement at

Support for store managers

In January we announced an £800,000 fund for research, events and support for store managers. Here are the key points:

Forthcoming events

Join our expert team from Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research here:

  • 12 Feb: Roadshow East (Cambs/Essex)
  • 13 Feb: Roadshow South Lincolnshire
  • 26 Feb: Roadshow Norfolk
  • 5 March: Storage East Midlands
  • 6 March: Roadshow Cheshire
  • 7 March: Roadshow North Yorkshire

Get event details and book here

Storage roadshow events - video preview


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