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Confirmed findings of blight strain EU_37_A2

8 September 2017

There have been 15 confirmed findings of the blight strain EU_37_A2 in England this season. Earlier in the season Wageningen University​ released results showing that EU_37 is insensitive to Fluazinam. You can read the report and our reaction here.

The results have been confirmed in the laboratory at James Hutton institute, through an AHDB funded blight genotyping programme. They are as follows:

Table released 8 September / Updated 25 September

Date Region Variety Severity
17 Aug Shropshire Unknown Single plant
17 Aug Cheshire Royal Patch
16 Aug Kent Melody Patch
16 Aug Shropshire Maris Piper Unknown
14 Aug N Yorks Pentland Dell Scattered through field
19 Jul Kent Nectar Stem
19 Jul Kent Electra Scattered through field
25 Jul Shropshire Unknown Patch
8 Aug Lancashire Maris Piper Scattered through field
16 Aug Shropshire Maris Piper very severe
16 Aug Shropshire Maris Piper Scattered through field
18 Aug Kent Melody Patch
23 Aug Shropshire Maris Piper Scattered through field
23 Aug Shropshire Lady Rosetta Single plant
24 Aug Shropshire Maris Piper Scattered through field
29 Aug Shropshire Unknown Several Patches
31 Aug Shropshire Royal Patch
4 Sept Shropshire Unknown Unknown
5 Sept Shropshire Performer Patch
5 Sept Shropshire Royal Patch
6 Sept Derbys Unknown Volunteer
6 Sept Kent Unknown Scattered through plot
6 Sept Shropshire Jelly Scattered through field
7 Sept Staffs Maris Piper Patch


These findings make up a small percentage of all confirmed findings of blight this season, but growers should be aware. Please read our advice regarding the management of EU_37 here

To read the full lab report from James Hutton Institute please click here

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