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Educating children about healthy, sustainable food: Integrating the curriculum with potatoes

13 July 2012

The Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP) project is aimed at 5 to 11 year olds (Key Stage 1 & 2), and has benefitted over one million children since 2004.  In 2012, 14,600 primary schools registered to take part, equating to 65% of the total number of primary schools in GB. Schools that request to take part receive a free growing kit, given by the seed industry, containing everything they need to grow two crops of potatoes. They plant their seeds in March and harvest their potatoes 14 weeks later. Following the success of GYOP, in October 2011, AHDB Potatoes launched the Cook Your Own Potatoes (CYOP) programme for secondary schools. The programme is linked to Key Stage 3 Food Technology and helps equip secondary school pupils with the skills to prepare healthy and tasty meals. 

The programmes seek to show children that potatoes are naturally low in fat and packed with valuable nutrients including vitamin C, B1, B6, Folate, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium. The lessons, which integrate wider aspects of the curriculum, also help children to understand the environmental aspects of growing food and how potatoes have a valuable role to play in sustainable, healthy diets.  

The briefing can be found here.

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