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Fight Against Blight website gets makeover

15 May 2018

By Claire Hodge

As a part of continued research in to UK blight populations, AHDB’s Fight Against Blight website has undergone a makeover ahead of the 2018 season.

In order to keep up with the disease and its evolving strains more accurately we have been required to fine-tune the service. Therefore, this year we have seen an overhaul of our website, which will make it even easier to submit samples and recognise blight outbreaks at the earliest opportunity.

The highly successful campaign has been supplying a sampling service, which notifies the industry of outbreaks and risk throughout Great Britain since 2006.

In the 2017 season, 275 registered volunteers captured 158 confirmed samples through the service.  

UK samples are then fed in to EuroBlight – the late blight network for Europe.

Ordinarily Blight Scouts are people who are routinely walking in potato fields during the season. Samples from confirmed reports head to the James Hutton Institute for DNA fingerprinting to check the genotype, results are then presented anonymously via the FAB website.

Registered Blight Scouts will receive alerts when the risk of blight increases in their chosen area and submit samples of affected tubers or downgrade piles they would like to be tested and help the UK’s Fight Against Blight.

To register as a volunteer Blight Scout please visit:

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