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Future potato leaders begin AHDB programme

16 May 2018

AHDB potatoes launched the third in-take of leadership development scheme the ‘Next Generation’ programme at its Warwickshire Headquarters in May.

The group of 14 will complete nine comprehensive business and technical days over the course of a year that will provide exposure to the whole supply chain.

The participants are drawn from all sectors of the industry and from across Great Britain.

The class of 2018

Now in its third year, AHDB Potatoes leadership development scheme, the ‘Next Generation’ is a programme, which looks to give young potato enthusiasts the platform to look at the industry as a whole.

AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager Claire Hodge said: “We were impressed with the standard of applicants this year, and among the final 14 participants we have people in important roles at a relatively early stage in their career.

“This programme will not only give them an accelerated view of the entire industry and supply chain, but also behind the scenes access to places such as Westminster and SASA.”

The participants are drawn from all sectors of the industry and from across Great Britain.

Allie Hesketh is a Grower Support Manager for R S Cockerill Ltd. works on the processing supply side of the business. She said:

“My role is pretty varied with no two days the same which I love. It gives me a great insight in to the potato industry, along with the opportunities and challenges it faces.

“I’m keen to keep on developing my knowledge further and excited to join the Next Generation programme to do just that.”

As part of the welcome day, Edward Backhouse a grower from Yorkshire and member of the last Next Generation cohort addressed the group.

He said: “The programme gave me more than I had imagined. It was a real eye-opener in terms of the work that goes on behind the scenes in the industry.

“Our business is still benefiting from the contacts I made during my year, both during the visits and among the other candidates.”

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