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Growers to engage with researchers at Sutton Bridge Storage Forum

1 August 2011

Potato growers are invited to attend the AHDB Potatoes Sutton Bridge Storage Forum on March 3, where industry experts will present the latest developments in energy management and sprout suppression.

Delegates attending the event at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research in Lincolnshire will have the opportunity to speak with industry experts such as Mark Pettigrew from PepsiCo and Jon Hillier of Aberdeen University about sustainability including the new ‘Cool Farm Tool’.

The system, developed by Dr Hillier and piloted with some of PepsiCo’s growers, is aimed at helping growers measure emissions and lower the carbon footprint of their farming systems.

These forums will be followed by practical workshops on topics such as inverters and storing at a more ambient temperature.

“Lowering the carbon footprint of storage is not only good for the environment, it also helps growers maintain their profit margins,” says Adrian Cunnington, Head of Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research, who is co-ordinating the event.

The afternoon session looks at the important area of sprout suppression, with topics including CIPC stewardship, the latest research on using CIPC in box stores and working with alternatives.

“Understanding sustainability is key to the future and improvements can offer substantial benefits,” says Mr Cunnington. “This is an ideal opportunity for growers to ask questions on the issues that concern their own business.”

For more information, levy-payers should contact Miya Kotecha at AHDB Potatoes on 0247 647 8782, email

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