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Improving agronomic and economic sustainability of UK farming

11 August 2016


New Grower Platform - your chance to participate.

The ‘Grower Platform’ project is a key component of a new AHDB funded research programme on the management of rotations, led by NIAB with partners including Rothamsted Research, James Hutton Institute and Lancaster University; a five-year programme of research to help farmers and agronomists optimise soil and water management decisions and plan environmentally and economically beneficial rotations.

It will bring together a group of like-minded researchers, farmers, agronomists and businesses, who will form the Grower Platform.

We are currently seeking participants to join the Grower Platform and to contribute to the survey which will be collecting key information about crop rotations in the UK.

Together the information will be invaluable to understand the constraints on the long-term agronomic and economic viability of our farming systems.

The survey will help answer the following types of question:

  • Is there an association between use of soil amendments and agronomic and economic sustainability?
  • What cultivation practices may be associated with good soil characteristics?
  • Is there an association between the types of crops in a rotation and soil health and resilience?
  • Is there an economic benefit with having an association with livestock in the rotation?

The understanding from the survey will be fed back to the Platform through regular meetings and newsletters to inform participants on the consequences of their current management decisions and to devise improved ones.

The Platform will be kept regularly informed of recent developments in other project areas and they will help shape and prioritise future research experiments as part of the AHDB research programme.

Assistance in the form of training workshops at forthcoming industry events shall be made available. All data submitted will be held securely, and only averaged or aggregated data will be published.

For further information and to take part in the survey please visit the NIAB website.

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