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New ‘Be CIPC Compliant’ website urges prompt application of CIPC

9 October 2013

As crops come into store, potato growers are being urged to prepare for short or shorter dormancy break periods due to the warmer, brighter conditions experienced this growing season. It’s imperative to apply sprout suppressant chlorpropham (CIPC) as early as possible to maximise sprout control, advises AHDB Potatoes.

Adrian Briddon, AHDB Potatoes technologist and member of the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group (PICSG) is reminding industry that the ‘Be CIPC Compliant’ initiative was launched last month, and urges growers and contractors to apply CIPC as early as feasible, once crops have gone into store. “This strategy improves product efficacy and, where applicable, extends the interval period between applications,” he says.
He adds that the 2013 season is compounding the issue, with potato sprouting likely to occur earlier than normal. “As a consequence, the timing of applications of the sprout suppressant ‘CIPC’ will be crucial. There is no reason to delay.”
There are no prescriptive time periods for CIPC applications, however Adrian stresses that it is important that crop owners view CIPC as a product that is applied as a preventative, rather than a curative, measure to comply with stewardship objectives. “As soon as the crop is dried and cured, CIPC should be applied,” he advises.
“It’s therefore important to contact contractors now so they’re lined up well in advance.” He adds that it is vitally important that crop owners comply with stewardship guidelines to ‘Be CIPC Compliant’ and prevent further exceedances of the CIPC maximum residue levels, in order to retain the sprout suppressant, which the industry relies upon so heavily.
There are many factors affecting CIPC distribution in the store and crop owners are also advised to assess the store environment and infrastructure to optimise CIPC distribution. 
Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research’s recent Storage Bulletin included this at-a-glance guide for new CIPC label recommendations for 2013/14:
  • TIMING OF FIRST APPLICATION: First treatment recommended within 3 weeks after harvest (or at the earliest occasion thereafter) even in the absence of signs of breaking dormancy.
  • TREATMENTS IN COLD STORES (holding temperature 5°C or below): Only one application of CIPC up to the maximum individual dose per season recommended. The application should be made before the temperature is reduced below 7°C. Recirculate store air for at least 6 hours without cooling prior to application.
  • VENTILATION MANAGEMENT DURING APPLICATION: Positive ventilation is recommended in all store types.
Growers and store managers are urged to keep up to date with any further developments by going to the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group’s ‘Be CIPC Compliant’ website at This website provides lots of information on sprout suppression, CIPC application advice and the approved fogging applicators who are members of the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) scheme. It is a fantastic resource for those working in this sector and who need the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.
Watch the AHDB Potatoes video on CIPC application
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