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New agronomists to look through AHDB’s ‘shop window’

6 August 2018

New entrants to the UK agronomy industry will discover more about AHDB staff, services and information at the 2018 Agronomists’ Induction event.

Formerly the Agronomists' Intake Day, the event has been run in conjunction with the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) and the Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC) since its introduction in 2014.

The event provides new agronomists with information on how to access and interpret AHDB's independent technical data to support their careers within the arable and horticultural sectors.

Tim Isaac, AHDB Head of Arable KE, said: “The event is a win-win for advisors and AHDB. It allows people at the start of their careers to look through our shop window and discover the wealth of independent information we offer.

“By helping to train the next generation of advisers, we put them in a strong position to adapt our information for use in the field. They are a valuable extension service for us.”

Originally focused on the production of cereals and oilseeds, the event has been broadened and now has relevance to all those who advise on UK field crops.

During the two-day event, new intake agronomists hear about and discuss solutions to agronomic challenges.

The event is based around a series of presentations and interactive workshops, facilitated by AHDB and industry experts.

Topics include:

> Integrated pest management and integrated farm management

> Soil management

> Weed, disease and pest management

> Fungicide performance

> Recommended Lists

> Crop nutrition (RB209)

> Farm Excellence

Although new results are often presented at the event, the main purpose is to show how AHDB operates, by providing an insight into the projects behind the latest developments.

The event complements the annual AHDB Agronomists’ Conference, which looks specifically at the latest research developments to help agronomists – at all levels of experience – to stay ahead of the game.

The 2018 Agronomists’ Induction event takes place on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 October in Peterborough.

Due to restrictions on delegate numbers, the event is open to new entrants to the agronomy industry only.

The event also includes an evening dinner reception, where Dr Belinda Clarke, Director of Agri-Tech East, will describe the exciting opportunities for agronomists within a productive, innovative and environmentally sustainable agri-food chain.

To access the programme or for information about how to register, visit the dedicated event web page:

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