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New BASIS certificate of competence for pesticides used on stored potatoes

2 August 2011

A new two-day BASIS course will take place in the Jubilee Room, Dunhome, Lincoln on August 31, September 1 and 23, 2010. It has been developed for those who sell pesticides for treatment of stored potato crops but are not involved with advice or sales relating to field products and therefore do not need a full BASIS certificate in crop protection.

The BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection is a certificate of competence, which must, by law, be held by those who both sell agrochemicals and give advice on crop protection. It proves that the holder has a satisfactory level of competence in practical recognition and safe control.

The new course and exam leads to the BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection (Stored Potatoes). It covers all aspects of crop protection in relation to stored potatoes and full use is made of links with local farmers, research organisations and agrochemical companies. Those who are successful in the exam will gain a BASIS Certificate with a restricted scope; it does not entitle them to give advice on crop protection of field crops.

The course costs  £460 +VAT, which includes Course Work Book and BASIS (Registration) Ltd Exam Fees.

The course content includes:

• Integrated store management and sprout suppression
• Recognition, biology and control of storage pests
• Recognition biology and control of storage diseases
• Composition activity and persistence of crop protection chemicals
• Safe use, handling and transport of crop protection chemicals

To sign up for Training & Examination for the BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection (Stored Potatoes) please click here.

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