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New tools to tackle spreading PCN problem

14 February 2019

We released a video in October showing that potato cyst nematodes are spreading into areas previously thought to be free of the pest. Those who think their land is clean can benefit hugely from PCN control. If it really is free of PCN this is a resource of high value to conserve. If there is undetected PCN, large financial savings can be made from early recognition of infested status.

To help with this, we have updated and released a number of new tools and resources. All have been developed in partnership with leading researchers and agronomists from across Britain, to ensure they are as technically robust as they are relevant and usable for growers.

We started with a specialist guide on sampling and testing, and have now updated an overall PCN grower guide, both of which can be found on the AHDB potatoes website, or in the Knowledge Library on the new main AHDB website.

In 2019, we will be updating our PCN calculator, improving usability and usefulness, with specialist guidance on the individual elements of PCN management, such as biofumigation and nematicide use.

Finally, a visit to one of our Strategic Farms will provide an opportunity to see some of our research in practice and discuss techniques with growers and agronomists, I would recommend having a look for your nearest event at our new cross sector events portal

PCN tools and resources

Updated and available now:

Coming in 2019:

  • Updated PCN calculator
  • Biofumigation guide
  • Events and SPot Farm meetings

Ongoing or recently completed PCN research

  • PCN biofumigation
  • PhD Characterisation of Potato Cyst Nematode Populations in Great Britain for sustainable crop management
  • PhD Pyramiding resistances to potato cyst nematodes to produce potato cultivars with durable and broad-spectrum resistance
  • PhD Identification of avirulence genes in Globodera pallida as tools for assessing durability of resistance
  • Fellowship: Development of a Succession Potato Nematologist
  • Evaluation of a method to assess varietal tolerance to potato cyst nematode

See all AHDB Potatoes research projects here

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