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PCN species distribution map of Great Britain

5 November 2014
As part of a AHDB Potatoes PhD studentship at Harper Adams University we are developing a new PCN species distribution map of Great Britain to update previous survey work conducted 1998-1999, by Harper Adam’s researcher Stephen Minnis. Since the last survey was undertaken nearly 15 years ago, it is critical that the current populations of this pest are fully evaluated, which is why measurements of viability and virulence will also be conducted on a subset of samples from the survey.
In order to make the PCN survey as representative as possible we are looking to obtain soil samples from ware potato growing land across England, Scotland and Wales. If you would like to take part by identifying fields from which we can take soil samples, please could you complete this short form and return to Harper Adam’s researcher Katarzyna Dybal-Lima by 15 December 2014 at We would be very grateful for your help and would like to assure you that all data provided in the survey will be kept strictly confidential by following research ethics procedures. Data will be anonymised on reporting and/or reported in the aggregate.
For further information on this survey, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Katarzyna Dybal-Lima on or telephone +44 (0)1952 81 5175.
For further information on this PhD project view 115R471 PhD Characterising PCN Populations page on the AHDB Potatoes website.
The Counties we are looking for samples from are as follows:
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