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Planning for the next season

1 August 2011

Market intelligence is an integral part of good business practice and growers will find vital information in the new publication, GB Potatoes: Market Intelligence 2010-11, says AHDB potato senior analyst Jim Davies.

The new AHDB Potatoes booklet GB Potatoes: Market Intelligence 2010-11 is packed with data and trends that help growers and processors make informed business decisions, including analysis on the interaction between demand and supply of potatoes.

Cheshire grower and AHDB Potatoes market information committee member Andrew Shaw says: “Market Intelligence is crucial to helping us make business decisions for the coming season. We are currently looking at our contract options for the next crop and this new report provides me with an understanding of British prices, production and area trends. It also highlights the changes in end user consumption patterns.

“I recommend you look at the range of market information services and publications on pages four to six. This will show how you can get the very latest information on the potato market throughout the year.”

The report also features the latest information on world potato production and includes a section on Northern European markets. The EU, now composing 27 countries, is increasingly important to growers and impacts on their business.

Shropshire grower and AHDB Potatoes market information committee member, Richard Solari says: “Northern European production levels and export opportunities to Eastern Europe have had positive impact on the GB market this season. The document tracks Belgian, German, French and Dutch area, yield and production trends for the last five years. This is vital market intelligence for us.”

Yields per hectare are documented in the booklet, showing average yields to have doubled since 1960. Statistics show the planted area has fallen by 53 per cent since 1968. However, improvements in agronomy compensate for the hectares that have gone out of production. 

Data is not restricted to production. The publication offers brief retail and foodservice information, such as the changing proportions of potatoes used for mashing, crisps and chips, etc.
The publication is being mailed to all levy-payers.

To give feedback on the report, or for further information on the potato market, please contact Jim on 0247 647 8786 or email

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