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Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) Study Tour to the Netherlands

1 February 2019

Applications are open to join a two day tour of Wageningen University and Research, in the Netherlands. The tour will take place 27 February - 1 March.

A group of 12 – 15 growers and agronomists will visit two sites at Wageningen and cover topics including:

  • Dutch PCN policy
  • PCN control strategy
  • PCN testing
  • Plant inspection
  • Variety testing
  • PCN resistance
  • Control of Meloidogyne fallax.

We have recently published up to date resources on PCN control, but this tour provides a chance to examine a quite different approach to that of most UK growers/agronomists.

Tour costs

Those interested in attending the tour will need to:

  • Apply via email to
  • Pay a tour fee of £100
  • Organise and pay for travel to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam (once confirmation of place received)

Additional in-country costs will be covered by AHDB.

If interested please contact Dr Anne Stone on M: 07813527527 E:

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