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Potato industry urged to celebrate high achievers

14 September 2015

AHDB Potatoes invites industry’s nominations for this year's British Potato Industry Award (BPIA). This prestigious honour is awarded to individuals for their outstanding contribution to the GB potato industry. AHDB Potatoes continues to support the industry’s leaders in marketing, innovation, research and development, and by presenting this award each year, it recognises the dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of those high-achievers who have made outstanding contributions to the overall GB potato industry.

Fiona Fell, AHDB Potatoes’ Chair, is a passionate advocate of the potential of the potato industry and comments “This award is not only about recognising decades of dedicated hard work by individuals, it is also highlights the fantastic opportunities which are available to the next generation in the potato industry, showing how enthusiasm and hard work can reap rewards.

“The potato industry is a technically advanced environment which provides individuals with a chance to specialise and excel, and be recognised for the invaluable work they do, whichever part of the potato supply chain they are in.”

Previous award winners have included variety breeders, specialists in R&D and knowledge transfer, storage engineers, processing specialists, machinery designers and journalists. Nominations for 2015 are encouraged for candidates in any sector of the potato industry who have made an outstanding contribution.

To ensure commendable award winners for the future, you need new high-fliers coming up through the ranks. AHDB leads on the development of skills for the next generation and encourages young talent to take up a rewarding career in the potato supply chain.

Appreciating that the potato sector has a wealth of opportunities for those with the right skills and a passion to learn, AHDB Potatoes launched the first-ever ‘Next Generation’ programme this year.   The aim of the programme is to develop the future leaders of our industry and to give them exposure to the wider supply chain. Delegates are now fully immersed in their programme of business and technical sessions and supply chain visits, which culminates in March 2016. It would be no surprise to see one of our ‘Next Generation’ delegates accepting the industry award in the future!

So, please submit your nomination for a worthy candidate. Nominations are straightforward to submit and forms are available at and from the award committee secretary, Margaret Skinner, British Potato Industry Award, AHDB Potatoes, Rural Centre, West Mains, Newbridge, Midlothian, EH28 8NZ. E-mail: and on Tel: 0131 297 7640.

Nominations will close on 2 October 2015.

The 2015 award winner will be announced before the ever-popular industry dinner at BP2015 event in Harrogate on November 12th.

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