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Potato Plantings by Variety in Great Britain for 2011

15 September 2011


The AHDB Potatoes has now produced provisional estimates of planted areas by variety for England, Scotland and Wales for 2011. These are shown in Table 1 attached with comparisons to previous years 2006-2010. The total planted area for Great Britain is now estimated at 126,328 ha. This revises the end-July provisional estimate of 127,450 ha, and is based on a sample of 2,269 growers representing 86% of registered area. The change in plantings from the 2010 figure of 126,887 ha represents a year on year drop of 0.4%. Earlier estimates at the end of June and July had suggested a slight rise in plantings from last year, but the latest and most complete figures show that this is not the case, and there has in fact been a slight fall.

Table 1 shows the dominant varieties in Great Britain. The top twenty  include the major chipping varieties of Maris Piper, Markies and Cabaret, crisping varieties Lady Rosetta, Hermes and Saturna, processing varieties Pentland Dell, Fontane, Russet Burbank and pre-pack varieties Estima, Maris Peer, Melody, Marfona, Harmony, Desiree, King Edward, Saxon, Rooster, Charlotte, and Osprey. Major movers up the rankings in the last few years have been Markies (up 13 places to 3rd from 2006), Melody (up 26 places to 6th), Cabaret (up 14 places to 15th) , Rooster (up 9 places to 16th), Fontane (up 25 places to 18th) and Innovator (up 22 places to 22nd). The biggest drops have been Nadine (down 20 places to (29th) and Romano (down 27 places to 49th). Estima has also shown a 51% decline in planted area since 2006, but has nonetheless retained its second place ranking overall.

In Scotland, different varieties predominate, although Maris Piper is again first ranked. Others in the top 10, in order, are: Saxon, Osprey, Rooster, Harmony, Hermes, Maris Peer, Cultra, Desiree, and Estima. These varieties account for 61% of all plantings in Scotland.

Overall, the top 49 varieties shown in Table 1 account for 88% of GB planted area, while 167 other reported varieties account for the remaining 12%. The total number of varieties planted in GB substantially exceeds the 216 quoted here however, as new or minor varieties with small areas may not be explicitly stated on Planting Returns. More detailed analysis of areas by regions, counties and market sectors for all listed varieties are available to AHDB Potatoes Levy Payers from the Grower Panel website ( For more information about specific potato varieties go to the British Variety Database at

The 2011 data shown in Table 1 is provisional and will be updated in January 2012. For further details contact Jim Davies on 0247 647 8786 or email




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