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Potatoes fight back!

24 August 2018

​Despite recent reports to the contrary the British consumer still loves the potato!

This week, reports surfaced that 'potato consumption is down 5%'. This is simply not the case.

The latest figures from Kantar WorldPanel, which covers data from all retailers, shows a 2.6% rise in consumption of potatoes since 2015.

Pro-potato media coverage:

Nonetheless, one positive from the 'news' that potato sales are 'down' was that many people rushed to defend the spud. Here's a few highlights:

What the data says:

Kantar data also shows a successive year-on-year increase since 2015 in frequency of purchase among younger consumers (22-44 year olds) which is a clear indication potatoes still remain a firm favourite at mealtimes.

A recent report from our Consumer Insight team showed that, innovation in the potato sector is also fuelling growth

Our successful Potatoes: More than a Bit on the Side campaign, jointly run with Bord Bia was launched in July 2015, with the goal of re-engaging younger consumers with potatoes.  It aims to showcase the health and nutritional virtue of the humble spud, and how it can fit into busy lifestyles.

Consumer interest in the campaign is reflected in the fact that the site has received 2 million visits over the past year.

All of this is proof that the love between Brits and potatoes is still very much here to stay.

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