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Potatoes: a fresh outlook

18 November 2011

Available free to levy payers is a new research report which brings a new focus to drive sales - it presents a fresh outlook for the potato category. It combines finding from three major consumer research studies, providing insight into what motivates shoppers when buying and eating potatoes, as well as their experiences at the potato fixture.

Caroline Evans, head of marketing and corporate affairs, said: “Understanding our end customer is key to sustaining demand for fresh potatoes – and this is a challenge that needs to be addressed by the whole supply chain. Over the last year AHDB Potatoes has invested in three research studies to improve our knowledge base; looking at consumer attitudes, how they shop for potatoes and how best to position and market them in-store.”

“Building on the evidence presented at our retail conference earlier this year, this new report also examines market drivers, as well as looking at opportunities in-store and key issues such as the importance of differentiation and value versus price. For example, we know that potato size and usage play a vital role in purchasing habits and shoppers are often looking for a better understanding of potatoes and inspiration at the fixture. The evidence suggests that there are opportunities to drive sales using innovative linked promotions or with the use of recipe and variety related activity, rather than price-led promotions.

AHDB Potatoes is now working with a number of retailers, buyers and industry representatives to see how the research can be used to shape the fresh potato category, driving up sales opportunities and consumption.

The report is available to all levy payers by contacting or view online.

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