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Press release: AHDB Potatoes Next Generation Programme 2016/17 recruitment underway

18 December 2015

AHDB Potatoes is seeking 15 professionals from levy-payer businesses across GB to take part in its Next Generation programme.

Now in its second year, the 2016/17 programme will see a new group learn about the potato sector in its entirety. The aim is to develop the future innovators and leaders of the potato industry and give them exposure to the wider supply chain.

"We have received a high level of positive feedback from the first crop of participants this year,” says AHDB Technical Executive Hannah Goodwin. “I would strongly encourage levy-payers to sign up and get involved in the future of the industry.”

Opportunities in the potato sector are immense; an AHDB survey identified that over 60 per cent of farming companies and supply chain businesses find it difficult to secure employees of the right calibre, with the majority believing they’ll have a resource gap over the next five years.

Lee Sharp who works for Shropshire based Maincrop Potatoes (growers and suppliers of fresh and processing crops) has been a delegate this year. “The ‘Next Generation’ programme is a fantastic opportunity for professional development as well as an important opportunity to express the voice of young people within the £4.1bn industry.”

Applications take the form of a 3 minute smart phone video and close 31 January 2016. Full details are available at:  

Watch the key highlights of the 2015/16 programme at:


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