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Soil management a priority for Scottish growers

19 December 2012

Growers are reminded that soil management needs to be a priority, after this difficult season and to make sure your farm soil management plans are up to date. It is essential that you stay within the rules of cross compliance and not run the risk of a 5% penalty on the single farm payment.

Attention is increasing across all sectors on the need to preserve soil quality and maintain soil sustainability. The Farm Soils Plan is aimed at farmers, crofters and contractors across Scotland. It could help you to protect soils, meet environmental standards and benefit the farm business. The Farm Soils Plan provides basic guidance and reminders on:
  • Recognising poor soil conditions
  • Maintaining soil structure and rooting potential
  • Reducing soil erosion and protecting water quality
  • Targeted nutrient application
  • Protecting your soils and the single farm Payment
Also helpful is the Scottish Government's Code of Good Practice for the Prevention of Environmental Pollution From Agricultural Activity (PEPFAA Code) which contains information on soil protection and ways to reduce the risk of diffuse pollution arising from agricultural activities.
More information on the above can be found on the Scottish Government website:
If you have any questions please contact Chris Steele
Technical Executive
AHDB Potatoes
DD +44 (0) 24 7647 8779
Mob +44 (0) 7500 100715
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