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Supply chain relationships - Read Rufus Pilgrim's latest blog with Farmers Guardian

27 March 2018

In 2017 Rufus completed his AHDB funded Nuffield Farming scholarship. His study tour took him to major potato producing nations and through his final report, and this blog series with Farmers Guardian he explores his findings.

​"It is vital that supply chain relationships are positive and profitable. They need to inspire and build confidence for investment in the next generation of technology and people. Margins at all points in the chain are finely balanced, a result of fierce retail competition. The big margin opportunities generated by exceptional market conditions are invariably short lived, and will inevitably have a detrimental effect somewhere else in the supply chain. How one party behaves towards another in these situations sets the tone for the future relationship." Read the full post at

​VIDEO: Watch Rufus speak about his Nuffiled scholarship at BP2017:


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